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    Mental Health Consultation

    Mental Health Consultation is a voluntary service offered, with the goal of providing a safe environment for you to gain supportive counseling and skill building. Consultation can be brief, short-term, and private. The only form the consultant will use is a summary form. This form will include the observations, goals and recommendations of the consultant. You may have a copy of this form at any time. The consultant agrees to maintain information as private, except in the following cases:

    • In cases where someone is at risk of being harmed.
    • In the event that neglect or abuse of a minor has been reported.
    • To a medical professional in a bonafide emergency.

    Examples of Consultation Activities May Include:

    • Active/Reflective listening
    • Observational assessment
    • Identifying strengths, problems, and solutions
    • Coaching on effective coping strategies
    • Facilitating referrals to resources as needed

    Consultation is Not Psychotherapy/Supervision. There are no diagnosis, no medical records, and no direct treatment interventions. Consultation is not bound by the same regulations as Clinical Psychotherapy/Supervision. The consultant can help you establish therapy, supervision, or other community services if you are interested.