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    Business Coaching & Consultation

    As a national advocacy & state legislative committee member, former Wisconsin Association of Marriage & Family Therapy Treasurer, Finance Committe Chair, and Director at Large, Shannon is no stranger to working within and around complex, diverse, and influential systems. Recognizing that the health and wellness of any individual directly correlates to the health of the systems within & around the individual, Guided Systemic Health Services, LLC has been providing organizational/individual coaching & consultation since 2008. Shannon’s background in international business & organizational administration/communication sets the stage for a comprehensive & more customizable service/product menu.

    Menu of Services/Products:

    • Practice start up
    • Ethical practice management
    • Back office planning
    • Marketing strategy
    • Telehealth platform integration
    • Paperwork compliance
    • Supervision consultation
    • Clinical consultation
    • Client complaint liaison
    • Navigating legal service provisions/court collaborations
    • Leave planning
    • Organizational system analysis
    • Strategic planning, re-branding & expansion support
    • Systemic health & wellness
    • Managing/resolving professional conflict
    • Stress management/reduction
    • Productive communication
    • Leadership development
    • The art of coaching
    • Team building & agility training
    • Coaching for performance and effectiveness
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Time management
    • Ongoing professional development

    Industries Served Include:

    • Federal Agencies
    • National/State Associations
    • State/County/Private Social Service Programs
    • Universities/Colleges/Higher Education Institutes
    • Non-Profit Organizations
    • Private Practice & Clinics
    • Schools
    • Churches

    All products & services are customized in length, cost, and focus to meet your needs!