• Dr. Brenda R. O’Beirne

    Education Advisor
    Licensed Psychologist

    [email protected]


    Everyone needs support in some way – and that includes therapists and teachers, the ones that support others. While we often see how our skills and knowledge can help someone else, we can struggle to apply that understanding to ourselves. That is where I come in …

    With 50 years of teaching and leadership experience in higher education, I walk with individuals and organizations that provide mental health or educational services by offering accessible supervision, consultation, and training. As a licensed psychologist with expertise in communication, supervision, facilitating, team building, and problem solving, I look forward to working with you to reach your goals.

    The common threads through all my professional experiences have been my focus on relationship and my value of connection. Learning and growing happens through relationship.  As one student stated in their anonymous course evaluation, “Brenda knows her ‘stuff’ and she knows her students. Her passion for her work is unparalleled.” A conference attendee stated on their evaluation form, “Brenda has an energy that is contagious. When I see her name on the program, I am there! And I always learn a lot about myself and the content of the session.”

    While there were many important achievements throughout my tenure as a faculty member clinician, and administrator, my most important contribution was making a difference in the lives of faculty, staff, and future therapists. My goal now, as I launch Walking With LLC, is to provide teachers, therapists, and service providers with the support they need to thrive. Specifically, I am available to work with you in the following ways.

    • Clinical supervision for LPC-ITs
    • Enhance your group therapy offerings
    • Consultation for university faculty and staff who wish to enhance their teaching
    • Trainings and workshops

    If you would like to learn more about the possibilities for our work together, email me at [email protected].